i squat because i really really really like food

amelia. twenty-three. on a weight loss quest with side butt and fitness quests. probably to the point of spamming my main blog with fitness and weight loss stuff so i made this one.

current goals: healthy bmi, run 5km under 30 minutes, squat body weight, learn how to do the splits.

i've suffered from bulimia in the past and am finally trying to do this the healthy way.

my legs have that super good ache in them after a good run

why did i fall off the wagon when being on it feels so good

so i hit a cool milestone of 50kg for my squat. makes me kind of tempted to see if i can 1RM my body weight but i think i’ll just keep keepin’ on with the SL 5x5. failed at OHP 25kg (5/5/4/3/4, blech) but deadlifts felt goooood.

and then cardio sucked ass today. i just wasn’t feeling it, but i still made myself go to the gym at lunch time. 10 minutes on the rowing machine and 10 minutes on the treadmill was apparently all the cardio i could manage today. that’s okay, i still went and did something, which is good for not feelin’ it.

and i had to go shopping tonight so i farmers walked myself and my groceries home.

bad weekend. 

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super tasty 225 cal breakfast - 2 eggs, 40g ham, tomato and wilted greens. complete with runny yolk i split - oh well!

workout of the day:

night: 5km run = 35:53 = 8.3km/hr [this shows why i run at lunch time. i was fucking wiped, i’ve wanted to sleep since 7pm]

3.11km walk: 30:00 

3x10 on a park chest press

was going to finish of with a bit more of those park machines but then andrew called and said he was done so that was that

urgh up earlier than i’d like to be. really should have slept more last night.

today morning’s weigh in: 77.9kg

measurements are all up as well :/ a week of shitty eating and no exercise will do that to you but oh well i’m back on the horse now. still feeling stronger each day and butt quest is progressing nicely. still, kind of pissed that i let myself get back under 20kg lost and backpedalled all my progress… i gave myself the excuse of being in my last week of the course but i didn’t need to throw it away that hard. i should have been more on top of things.

4 weeks til graduation. staying on the wagon til then. 

first day at the work experience placement today, 9-5. going to andrew’s for the rest of the week/weekend which is awesome, so i’ve got two days of lunch and breakfast packed so i’m good tomorrow as well. he has class til 8 so will spend an hour at the uni sports fields after dumping everything in his car when i get there. planning on doing 5km, longer if i can (i have time for it!!!), then some bodyweight exercises; might focus on my upper body and core after running.

still should have slept more.

today’s workouts

morning: sl 5x5

squat 47.5kg 5x5

bench 32.5kg 5x5

barbell rows 25kg 3x5 30kg 2x5 [deloaded back to 20kg to fix my form; working up again]

mini abs workout: 7kg dumbbell overhead situps x 15, alternate reach and catch x 30, plank until failure [should have timed, was too dead for that]

lunch: running

30mins = 4.72km = 9.44km/hr [2nd fastest pace; tried at 10km/hr to make the 5km in 30mins but couldn’t do it. note to self, don’t kill yourself next time]